Friday, October 30, 2009

Where's your I/O?@TSS Java Symposium Europe

I've just come back from Prague, where I spoke at the TSS Java Symposium Europe. I presented a session, called "Where's your I/O?", that explains how I/O works from various perspectives and how it can be analyzed inside the JVM with the help of JPicus. It was a great experience. The hall was very busy and the audience was interested in the topic. Still waiting for the feedback from the evaluation forms.

My overall experience at the conference was positive. There were interesting sessions from which you can learn things and get inspired to do something new. The ones I've been at revolved around modularization, performance, web frameworks, cloud computing and rapid application development. Performance seemed to be a hot topic as there were several sessions on performance tools and tuning techniques. One of these was mine of course.

At the conference I met some interesting people, like Kirk Pepperdine, Eugene Ciurana and Daniel Lopez Janariz. We had a couple of nights out in Prague for a beer. We talked a lot. It was fun :)

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