Monday, October 4, 2010

205/55 R16 91H detailed winter tires comparison

From the ADAC 2009 winter tire test I picked 3 different models, for which I decided to drill down into the detailed test results in order to pick up one. Here is the spreadsheet that shows the detailed characteristics (translated to English).

Nokian looks like the best choice in its price segment (around EUR 85 over here), but it has worse characteristics on wet conditions, especially aquaplaning. From the rest two, Dunlop is better on ice whereas Continental is better on snow, fuel economy and noise.

I decided to go for the Dunlop. Over here they can be purchsed for around EUR 110 a pice (tyre exchange included)...

Update 1:
I've got the tires. I had to wait a couple of weeks because the dealer only had the T speed index in stock. The tires costed me EUR 97 a piece (tyre exchange, bags for the old ones etc included). We still haven't got snow or ice so I can test them well. On dry and wet roads they feel great. Not very noisy too.

I'll post more when I've tested the tyres on snow/ice...
Update 2:
We had plenty of snow and ice recently and I've been able to test the Dunlops. I was amazed how accurately the ADAC test described them. Indeed the tyres have excellent grip on snow and especially on ice. With my previous car I had Michelin Alpin A3 and I had problems parkin on my parking spot when there was ice. With the Dunlops I never had this problem. With respect to fuel economy the ADAC test is again right unfortunately :). My summer tires are Michelin Primacy HP at exactly the same size. With the Dunlops I had about 0.5 L/100 km more fuel consumption (measured on a 470 km journey). Since I don't drive that much in the winter (around 3000 km) this is not a problem for me. However, if you do a lot of mileage in the winter and don't have that much ice as we do, you might want to do the math and see if Continental will be a better choice.
Overall, great job Dunlop :)